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Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.11.45 PMThe Original DAIRY DOO®

Our Northern Michigan soils can be considered light or sandy at best. If you’ve struggled to get the health and vigor in your plants…it’s likely not your green thumb but your soil that keeps you from smiling all summer. Our light soils work against all of us in our attempts to increase the organic matter critical for holding nutrients and water that plants need to thrive. DAIRY DOO® is the easy answer to help build our poor Northern Michigan soils. The living biology available in DAIRY DOO® creates an inviting environment for organic matter that go to work making more nutrients available to your plants. From our experience it’s the quality of the living microbiology that makes DAIRY DOO® work so well and differentiates it from the compost you get at the recycling centers or box stores.

DAIRY DOO® is an amendment and should not be used for direct planting. Add a small amount – 1/8 inch thick to your pots and ¼ inch thick in your gardens and mix into the soil and watch the plants spring to life. And don’t worry, DAIRY DOO® doesn’t smell like cows! We use tons of Dairy Doo in our certified organic vegetable production. See for yourself what it can do for you. Every spring sprinkle it on your garden, till into the soil and then plant. If your soil is really poor, then repeat in the fall. Coveyou Scenic Farm Market is the only place in Petoskey that sells Dairy Doo.

Measure up your garden and come on over.  The 1 cu. ft. bags at ¼ inch thick will cover about 50 sq ft.

We also sell it in bulk by ~1 yard tractor scoops dumped directly into your truck bed or trailer. Each tractor scoop costs $68 and weighs about 1200 lbs. Are you a larger farmer, landscaper or planting a vineyard and want it in volume…no problem. We also sell DAIRY DOO® in 30, 40 and 70 yard semi loads delivered right to your place at discounted prices (some limitations on delivery locations).

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