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Dairy Doo Products


Two containers planted at the same time. One WITH DAIRY DOO, one without. See Results.

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Soil Amendment Compost

The Original

Outdoor Plant Mix 301

The Premium Vegetable Growing Potting Soil!

Potting Soil 201

Best for Flower Gardening

Seed Starter 101

Germination Mix


Safe Green Lawn

Lawn Fertilizer

Healthy Garden

Best Garden Fertilizer

All Purpose Plant

Liquid Fertilizer &



Bloom Blaster

Liquid Fertilizer &


Plant Protector

Liquid Fertilizer & Micronutrients


Topsoil Blend

70% screened topsoil, 20% Dairy Doo compost and 10% Michigan peat. Excellent for new or established lawns, fixing those problem law areas and general landscaping needs.

Available in 1 cu. ft. bags for $3.75 or special order large 1 yard bulk bags.

Tree & Shrub Mix

A blend of Dairy Doo, triple ground pine bark, sphagnum peat, gypsum and brown rock phosphate. Great for filling in around the root ball of newly planted trees and shrubs.  Tree & Shrub Mix is great for mulching around existing trees and shrubs and feeding trees and shrubs at the same time.

Available in 1 cu. ft. bags for $8.00 or special order large 1, 1.5 or 2 yard bulk bags.

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