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Why Use Diary Doo?

Our Northern Michigan soils are far from ideal for growing great vegetables and flowers. Typical soils are sandy, lower in water- and nutrient-holding organic matter and all too often low in the microbiology that helps plants get the micronutrients they need to grow well, stay healthy and produce great-tasting produce. Michigan-made Dairy Doo organic compost fixes all of these challenges. We use it in our fields and believe it to be some of the best compost you can buy.

Good for your soil, good for your garden and good for you, naturally! Dairy Doo is a natural organic compost of cow manure and other natural carbon sources. With regular use Dairy Doo naturally builds up the plant-available nutrients in your soil and your soil’s capacity to hold these nutrients through the growing season. Why is this a good thing? It means that you will increasingly improve the quality of the produce in your garden using a 100 percent natural, Michigan-made product. In terms of impacting the environment, organic Dairy Doo does the opposite of chemical fertilizers, which strip soil of nutrients.

What is so special about this particular compost? It’s made with care and attention to details. Good compost has a few key attributes:

  • It’s got to have the microbiology still alive that will work within your garden to free up the soil-bound calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, boron and other micronutrients your plants need to stay healthy and create great-tasting produce. Dairy Doo is produced at a regulated temperature and over time weed seed is killed off; however, it’s not allowed to get too hot to kill the biological organisms that are so needed.

  • It’s weed seed clean. Many farmers will sell you livestock manure and it’s full of humus and plant nutrition but it also generally comes with a lot of weed seed. A controlled composting process kills the weed seed, but keeps the nutrition.

  • It’s high in plant nutrition and humus. Many composts are made from decomposed plant material which is a good source for soil humus. Dairy Doo is much higher in nutrition because it comes from decomposed cow manure,  giving both the humus and the plant nutrition. Dairy Doo compost is managed, maintained and crafted, making it just about the best product you can add to your soil. Simply put, it’s clean, vibrant, rich and nutritious.  And there’s no manure smell with this compost.

How does it work? It couldn’t be easier. Annually working a ¼-inch layer of Dairy Doo into your soil will stimulate the activity of organisms lying dormant in your soil. Dairy Doo will also restart the organisms that may have been eradicated by previous use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Coveyou Scenic Farm is glad to be the Northern Michigan source for Dairy Doo. It’s available in 1cuft bags (about 20 pounds each) or in bulk (sold by the cubic yard).

There’s Doo for whatever you do!

Dairy Doo – “The original” high carbon compost made from cow manure. Great as a soil amendment for most general produce and flower gardening or new yard plantings. Available in bags or in bulk.

Top Soil Blend – 70% screened topsoil, 20% Dairy Doo compost and 10% Michigan peat. Excellent for new or established lawns, fixing those problem areas and general landscaping needs. Available in 1 cubic ft. bags.

Outdoor Plant Mix 301 – This potting soil is derived from key ingredients like Dairy Doo, Poultry Compost and Worm Castings, which are biological growth enhancers. Also, Sphagnum Peat, Coconut Coir, Double Ground Bark, Paramagnetic Rock, HiCal Lime, Gypsum, Vermiculite, and Perlite are all added to give plants a strong and healthy start. Available in 1 cubic ft. bags.

Tree & Shrub Mix – A blend of Dairy Doo, triple ground pine bark, sphagnum peat, gypsum and brown rock phosphate. Great for mulching around trees and shrubs and feeding them at the same time. Available in 1 cubic ft. bags.

Potting Soil – Blend of potting soil with the base product being Dairy Doo combined with sphagnum peat, composted wood fines, Perlite, Vermiculite, brown rock phosphate and gypsum. Available in 1 cubic ft. bags.

Want to learn More? Visit the Dairy Doo website and watch a video about how Dairy Doo is made and its attributes.

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