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Flowers & Plants

Come explore our wide assortment of the best flowers and vegetable transplants for your mixed containers and gardens. Flowers are available in large, 5-inch pots as well as larger cell landscape trays with 6, 18 or 21 plants per tray. Come in soon for landscape trays, we sell out quickly.

Spring Dairy Doo Products, Hanging Baskets, Mixed Pots, Bedding Plants, Veggie Transplants and so much more…

We planted thousands of seeds in hundreds of hanging baskets back when the snow was still flying. Now they’re bursting with color and ready to brighten your home or cottage. Our baskets are a local favorite for the variety of mixed flowers and colors that help give each porch, deck and garden it’s own unique look. We also offer traditional geranium baskets and hearty shade hanging baskets.



Interested in ready-made deck pots or planters for your porch, deck or yard, or even as a gift? We have a lovely selection of decorative mixed flower containers ready to brighten your home.

Bring your containers with you, if you’d like. Our garden market managers are always happy to help you find the best flowers for your container’s size and location. The right flowers, in the right location, will remain beautiful all season long.

If you’d prefer to save yourself a “dirty” mess, inquire about our potting and planting services. We’ll even come to your home or cottage.



Our greenhouses are filled with thousands of start transplants ready for your garden or planters.


Please stop in and check us out. We’re just 2 miles south of Petoskey’s big box stores. You’ll love our quality and enjoy our long-lasting value. Click here for more pictures of spring flowers.

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