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BEAUTIFUL, HARDY, COLORFUL – There is no better fall flower than the “Hardy Garden Chrysanthemum.” Garden mums provide a great display of bright color that last for weeks. Our selection of colors is vast and spans across button, decorative, daisy and spider varieties. We grow thousands of garden mums on the farm in pot sizes ranging from 5 inches all the way up to bushel basket-sized blossoms. And yes, every plant is grown right here on our farm. Look for our wagon near the road – it’s a gorgeous seasonal local landmark.

GREAT GIFTS – Each plant is individually grown in a decorative pot pleasing enough for our customers to give as thoughtful gifts, or to set them directly on their own decks, porches entranceways and even inside their homes.

LANDSCAPING – We also grow a large quantity of landscape-grade 8-inch pots for those looking to plant them around their flower gardens. Landscapers and florists are always welcome.

AT YOUR SERVICE – If you’re running short on time to spruce up your flower boxes, just give us a call. We will come out and liven them up for you.

ROOT, ROOT, ROOT – In this part of Michigan, Hardy Mums are technically considered a “tender perennial” and, therefore, have variable rates of longevity. For best results, we have found that planting them in the ground early in the season (August to mid-September) helps them root in and have a better chance of success. Covering the plants with a mulch or straw also helps, as does planting them closer to the foundation of your home where the soils may not freeze as hard. However, because of the nature of our local environment, plant to enjoy the longevity of the garden mums’ typical flowering season.

MUMS & MORE – In addition to Mums we grow Asters and many other “Zone 4” hardiness (or better) fall perennials that are all ideal for fall planting.


Hanging Baskets

If you are looking for a great hanging basket then it is definitely worth the trip to check out our selection. We grow hundreds of hanging baskets with nearly all of them blooming a different mix of flowers and colors, making your hanging basket truly unique. We have geranium and shade hanging baskets as well. Every color and look you can imagine, all grown here on the farm.

Containers & Garden Flowers

Check out our wide assortment of the best flowers for your mixed containers or flower gardens. We grow in large 5-inch pots as well as larger cell landscape trays that have 6, 18 or 21 plants per tray. Come early for the landscape trays because they are usually the first to go.

Ready to Go

Looking for pre-planted pots or planters for your porch, deck, or yard? Maybe you’re looking for a unique gift? We have a lovely selection of decorative mixed flower containers that are ready to brighten your home.

At Your Service

Looking for someone to help you plant? Not a problem! Bring your container to the farm and we’ll work together to pick out the flowers that will flourish in your location. For a small fee we provide the soil and handle all the mess. We can even come out to plant at your home or cottage. Stop on in and let’s talk flowers.

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