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Coveyou Scenic Farm Market is focused on growing certified organic vegetables with the highest quality, flavor and freshness.
We use many of the oldest techniques of natural soil building and pest management alongside some of the latest technologies that provide opportunities of energy efficiency and production in the cold and harsh early spring and late fall months.

We start most of our vegetables from seed in our greenhouses to get a head start against our cool weather. Using an organic seed germination soil full of minerals and microbiology we give the plants an early start by keeping them warm using bottom heat from our geothermally heated germination floor.

Our field soil tests guide us on balancing the minerals correctly for optimum plant health and fruit flavor. We use cover crops and crop rotations to help build the soil and decrease pest pressures.

Here we are transplanting into raised beds that contain drip irrigation tubing in the soil below. This system allows the soils to be slightly warmer, removes most weed pressure and therefore the need for herbicides and with all the water going into the root zone of the plant we don’t have to worry about leaf diseases more common when plant leaf surfaces remain wet after overhead watering.

High tunnels are greenhouse frames that cover plants that are growing in the farm soil. The covering provides a solar heated warm space, protects from early and late season frosts and keeps rain from wetting the plant leaf surfaces…resulting in earlier produce and higher quality. We use a number of these structures to help us provide quality produce organically over a larger number of months.

Our washing and packing area uses some of our best practices to assure produce is kept clean, safe and fresh. Produce that comes in from the field is hydrocooled using our geothermal chilled potable water system that instantly removes field heat temperatures using 34 degree water. Hydrocooling locks in the freshness and increases quality and storability. We can then store produce in our geothermally run walk in cooler. We harvest every day for the freshest produce….And fully believe you can taste the difference!


Though we’ve been growing this way for quite a while, we becaome officially certified USDA Organic in 2014! Stop in and taste the difference our growing makes.

Simple goodness down to our roots.

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Simple goodness down to our roots

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