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Healthy Garden

Healthy GardensThe Best Garden Fertilizer we have found!

On our farm we take multiple steps to grow certified organic great tasting and healthy vegetables. We make sure our soil mineral balance is correct, we add quality compost and then we feed the crop with a healthy fertilizer as needed. We have found Healthy Garden 7-6-5-5Ca to be a top notch slow release fertilizer that has the very much needed calcium our plants desire for good cell wall structure. A balanced formulation approved for organic production that is easy to use and loaded with all natural and easily digestible nutrients that your plants will eat right up! Use on vegetable gardens, fruit trees, grape vines, and, really, anything that grows. Sprinkle generously on the garden prior to final tilling or sprinkle around plants and rake into the topsoil then water well for additional help latter in the season.

Comes in a 25lb bag for $23.50 or a 4 lb shaker bag for $9.95. Move away from those synthetic chemical fertilizers this year and grow some of your healthiest produce yet. The answer this year is Healthy Garden 7-6-5-5Ca and in Petoskey it’s only at Coveyou Scenic Farm Market. Stop in to get some today. Have a farm and need larger quantities…no problem…we sell it by the half ton and ton as well!

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