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Outdoor Plant Mix 301

Premium Vegetable Growing Potting Soil!The Premium Vegetable Growing Potting Soil!

Outdoor Plant Mix 301 may just be the best potting soil we have grown in! It is our most recommenced solution for raised bed vegetable gardens. We use it extensively in our certified organic vegetable transplant production It has the perfect mix of 18 ingredients for exactly what your plants need to produce amazing fruit. Outdoor Plant Mix 301 contains DAIRY DOO®, Poultry Compost, worm castings and an extensive array of organic minerals that provide nearly all the nutrition many raised bed plants will need all season.

Available in 1 cuft bags for $9.95 or by special order in bulk 1 yard, 1.5 yard or 2 yard tote bags. Enjoy the ease of growing great plants when you start with a great soil!

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