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Safe Green Lawn

Safe Green LawnYes, You Can Have a Nice Green Lawn without Synthetic Chemical Fertilizers!!

Just like Big Ag, many homeowners have come to rely on synthetic chemical fertilizers that are loaded with toxic pesticides to keep their lawn looking nice. There is a healthier option! It’s an option that builds the soil structure, is free of toxic pesticides and is safe around our lakes and streams. The answer is Safe Green Lawn and in Petoskey it’s only at Coveyou Scenic Farm Market. Ask your landscaper to use it this year and see the results….and know you are doing the right thing for your lawn and the environment! Your landscaper not using it…not a problem…we can sell it in bulk to them at discounted prices!

Safe Green Lawn is organic based and obtains its nutrients from natural organic sources including microbes, organic materials and minerals. The organic matter in this product feeds microorganisms in the soil, improving the foundation upon which plants grow. Building soil biology takes care of thatch naturally providing more growing power to your lawn, due to the DAIRY DOO® and Humate action packed formula. Healthy lawns depend on healthy soils. Healthy soils need proper mineral balance and good beneficial microbial levels to make those minerals available to the roots. Enriching the soil with organic matter also improves soil structure, which improves the soil’s capacity to hold water and nutrients, releasing them to plant roots as needed.

Whether you’re seeding a new lawn, overseeding, or trying to get more oomph from your existing limp, lackluster lawn, Safe Green Lawn has what you need. And don’t worry about polluting local water because there’s no phosphate to impact lakes and streams.! Apply through a broadcast spreader for new or existing lawns.

Use Safe Green Lawn at a rate of 5-10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. in the spring. Application intervals can range from 30-90 days. A 25 lb bag covers 5,000 sq. ft.  We charge $26.95 per bag which works out to be less expensive than many of those big box stores 1-2-3 step chemical and pesticide loaded versions!

Before & After Safe Green Lawn
Before and After using Safe Green Lawn-Evart High School, Evart Michigan

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