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Seed Starter 101

Seed Starter 101Seed Starter 101 Germination Mix

For those of you that start your flowers or vegetables from seed we have the organic potting soil for you. Your young plants can only be as healthy as the soil you start them in, so why not give your flowers the best of the best! This germination mix is fine enough for delicate seeds and capable of holding moisture for an extended period.  Seed Starter 101 germination mix is enriched with 16 carefully selected ingredients including DAIRY DOO® and worm castings. It has the biology necessary to get your seeds off to strong start. The big box store seed starters have limited or no nutrition to help your plants out.

Plants should not need to be fertilized for up to 4 weeks with the Seed Starter 101 germination mix. Initial wetting of the soil prior to seeding is important.

For use in organic gardens. We sell the 1 cu.ft. bags for $9.95 each.

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