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Welcome to the Coveyou Scenic Farm Market blog. Over the last few years we have realized that people are interested in learning more about the farm, our life on the farm and our family. We answer a lot of questions about the day to day routine of family farming along with questions about the history of the farm and where the farm is headed in the future. We hope that this blog helps to answer some of these questions. Please bear with us as we enter this new endeavor, we aren’t naturals at talking about ourselves. When Dave and I were starting out twenty years ago we were pretty certain we knew a whole lot. We were very confident about what it took to raise the perfect family and to run a successful business. Twenty years later there are just a couple of things we know for sure. First, life has a way of teaching us that we often know far less than we think we do. Second, wisdom is hard earned and knowledge has a lot less value without it. We work every day to lay a solid foundation for our utterly imperfect family and our growing farm business. We hope you enjoy our effort to share a little bit about our experience. In return, we hope that you share your thoughts and comments because, I am quite certain, we have a lot in common.

Pictured: The Coveyou family

David: Grew up on Coveyou Scenic Farm. Years ago his parents encouraged him to go to college and leave farming behind. They were thrilled when he earned a Masters in Electrical Engineering. Imagine their shock when he came home to tell them that he wanted to spend his life farming.

Andrew: A junior at Petoskey High School. Has a great head for business and you will often find him in the barn market or at area farmers markets. He enjoys the business end of the farm but when it comes to harvesting cherry tomatoes and weeding…well, not so much.

Kathy: Born and raised ten minutes north of Boston. I still go back to Boston whenever possible to visit family and friends. While Dave is a natural at this life, I have been a little bit like a foreigner. What I can tell you is that it is very possible to make new places your home and make new experiences your own. I love living on the farm and I wouldn’t trade this adventure for any other.

Lillian: A wonderful surprise, born in 2013. She is a joy and can often be found greeting visitors to the barn market.

Patrick: A sophomore at Petoskey High School. He’s a quiet kid who observes everything around him. He’s finding his place on the farm between cross country practices, scouting and school.

William: Our oldest is heading off to college next week. His dream was to be accepted to the University of Notre Dame. As parents, it was a joy to watch him achieve it. We will miss his insight, calm presence and his gentle smile. There will certainly be a void in our home but we are very happy for him as he heads out into the world.