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Mums always bring us back to the beginning.

It’s that time of year, mums are blooming. I’ll be heading out to the field shortly to start loading trailers full of them. Mums are the first crop that Dave and I planted and grew, along with Dave’s parents, after we got married. We were living in Massachusetts at the time. During those first few years, we would come out to Michigan in the spring and get them planted. Dave’s parents would irrigate them and care for them throughout the summer. Dave and I would come back to set up the market area in the fall. It was only a few short years before Dave’s mother would become known as “The Mum Lady.” Throughout the fall she and Lorenzo would load trailers full of mums and bring them up to the little market area near the barn. Hedy loved the activity around the farm and Lorenzo loved the project. It was the starting phase of ushering the farm from cereal grain production to growing items that could be sold directly to the public. Since Dave was in his twenties, he has had a dream of sustaining the farm as a working farm and as a place that honors his heritage and those who have worked this land since the 1870’s. We believe that Hedy and Lorenzo would be very proud of the farm today and where it is headed in the future. So here we are, mum season, the time of year when we are ever mindful and grateful for the farm, the people who came before us and the community that supports this farm and those of other growers in our region. Happy fall flower season.