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Photo Credit: Rebecca Melander; Harbor Springs Farmers Market supporter.

Have you wondered what the hype is about heirloom tomatoes? We talk to a lot of people who are mystified by the devotion that so many have to these tomatoes. The answer lies in one word, variety. Heirlooms are seeds that have been saved for generations. These seeds produce fascinating sizes, shapes, colors, textures and flavors. Heirloom tomatoes are frequently more difficult to grow and keep than the hybrids that we have come to accept as the standard tomato. While there are excellent hybrids out there, and we have selected the best to grow, heirlooms are in a category of their own. They make our job and your table a lot more colorful. With a record-breaking heirloom harvest this week, we have all the heirlooms you could ever imagine wanting. This week alone, our family has sautéed them for stuffed Poblano peppers, created a new fajita stuffing, made fresh salsa and several Caprese salads, we’ve grilled pizza, experimented with heirloom tomato sauce and simply eaten them fresh off the vine. When I say that we eat like royalty in our family, it’s no exaggeration. One of our Open Market members commented that she has become so accustomed to the experience of eating farm fresh produce that her standards of what good food tastes like have increased tremendously. There really is nothing like well grown farm fresh food. It nourishes body and soul. It is our privilege to grow this food for your family and our own, season after season.


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