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A wonderful group of people. L to R: Tom: Produce Processing Manager and former MSU Intern; Mary: Summer Intern from MSU; Olivia: Dave’s niece, intern and South Dakota School of Mines and Tech. student; David: Summer Intern and MSU student.



As the summer season in northern Michigan winds down and students of all ages head back to school, Dave and I are experiencing our usual period of mixed feelings. First, sadness. Good-byes are tough. There have been many summers when we have been very sad saying so long to our summer interns after they have worked and lived on the farm.  This summer was particularly tough. After sadness there is gratitude. These students are bright, hardworking, engaged and full of positive energy. I don’t think that they could ever know how much they inspire us with their presence and creativity. For the last few seasons, our interns have been led by Tom Hunt, our Produce Processing Manager and a former intern. He sets the tone for a positive, calm, fun, generous and intelligent working environment. Working on a farm is hard, frequently uncomfortable and unpredictable. Tom’s presence and example are invaluable in leading our field and wash/pack teams. We are grateful for Tom and the people who get us through the busy summer season. After sadness and gratitude, there is the overall feeling of hope. I hear it all the time, “Kids today are entitled, they don’t know how to work hard, they want everything handed to them…” Dave and I can attest to the fact that we don’t see a lot of that, certainly not this summer. By and large, the interns and young people who come to work on our farm have made the most of the experience and they have done it with humility, a sense of humor and positive attitude. They are engaged politically, they are concerned about the environment and their community. They inspire us to look to the future with hope. While many think that all might be lost, we have another perspective. The future is bright.

Our very best wishes to our summer team as they start another school year. Keep on making the world a better place just by being yourselves.

Oh, as an aside, we are hiring for the late summer/fall season. Please spread the word if you know somebody who wants to join us through October.