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Fall has always been our favorite time of year. That’s why Dave and I decided to have our wedding in October. We celebrated twenty-one years of marriage last week. Every year since 1997 has been an adventure. Sometimes the adventure has been exciting and fun and other times challenging and much less fun than we’d like. But that’s marriage, that’s farming, that’s raising a family and that’s life. You take the good with the bad, celebrate the good and work through the bad. Back when we were newlyweds we decided that our goal was to sit side by side in two chairs and at a ripe old age be able to say, “We did it well.” By “it” we meant all of it, family, jobs, marriage, life. That image has been what we go back to when we start to feel that “it” can all be overwhelming. Sometimes we do it all well and some days we fall short but we just keep moving forward, learning from our mistakes and taking pleasure in what we accomplish. I happened to be taking pictures in the barn on the day of our anniversary. I couldn’t resist sharing this one and thinking that we are going to have an awfully good view from some pretty comfortable chairs when we finally sit down. Here’s to long-range goals.