150th Anniversary



150 Years of Family Farming

1874 - 2024



Five Generations of Farming This Land

Celebrating the Coveyou Farm's 150th anniversary!

It all started in 1874, when the French-Canadian family of William and Sarah Coveyou arrived in Petoskey and established a homestead just south of town. Little did they know that their legacy of working the land would continue on for generations, culminating in what today is Coveyou Scenic Farm. 


From the early years of livestock, orchards and logging, to a groundbreaking era of beekeeping and honey production, to leading Michigan's first potato cooperative, the Coveyou Farm has continuously evolved to match the complex nature of agriculture—and we're excited to share that story with you!


Walk through History with our New Farm Museum!

Our Barn Market now displays a beautiful, 58-foot-long historical timeline and other displays throughout our entire store!

From humble beginnings in 1874 to the new millennium

Follow the lives of five generations of farmers as they leave their mark on history. 

You'll be taken through a section dedicated to Elias E. Coveyou's nationally-renown honey business, complete with his original patented honey-uncapping machine on display. Other antique equipment, such as a grain debearder and a 32-foot-long bandsaw from the old Coveyou sawmill, will also be displayed around the market. And you'll also be surrounded by a collection of billboard-sized, vintage farming photographs from our family albums that give an authentic snapshot into what farming was like twenty, fifty, and even a hundred years ago.


These installments are meant to be as educational as a museum. Our goal is for everyone of all ages and backgrounds to learn how agriculture in Northern Michigan has evolved over the last 150 years.