Chocolate/Fudge/Chocolate Covered

  • Peanut Butter Cups Bag

    Peanut Butter Cups Bag

    Unreal's dark chocolate peanut butter cups use 36% less sugar than the leading brand! They keep sugar to a minimum, without using sugar alcohols like erythritol, stevia or artificial sweeteners. No soy ingredients, no artificial flavors, no preservatives...
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  • Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chunk Nibbles

    Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chunk Nibbles

    Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor is a Peanut Butter lover’s MUST HAVE! Light but creamy peanut butter coating unites crunchy pretzels, corn squares and salty peanuts and is then topped with a delicious chocolatey drizzle. Each chunk contains the perfect...
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  • S'Mores Chunk Nibbles

    S'Mores Chunk Nibbles

    S’mores flavor immediately takes you to that warm nostalgia on a mid summers night biting into your favorite campfire treat, BUT WITHOUT THE MESS! The light coating unites real graham crackers, mini marshmallows, crunchy pretzels & corn squares ...
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  • Chocolate Fudge

    Chocolate Fudge

    Chocolate fudge is only made with the finest ingredients and with the proper, original techniques.  Our fudge is based off this original secret recipe. Zero Gluten, High Fructose Corn Syrup & Trans Fat
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  • Kitchen Sink Bark Bags

    Kitchen Sink Bark Bags

    You can pig out on this amazing 7oz bag of chocolate. They start with rich milk chocolate and salty pretzels, drizzle the entire batch with chocolate and topped with M and M's!
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  • Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

    Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

    These addictive beans offer a sweet, chocolatey pick-me-up! Their own specialty coffee beans are smothered in a rich, creamy dark chocolate giving you a slight crunch that is filled with a burst of espresso flavor in every bite. Time to refill. you cup.....
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  • Milk Chocolate Double Dipped Peanuts

    Milk Chocolate Double Dipped Peanuts

    Roasted crunchy peanuts are dipped in creamy milk chocolate…not once but twice. A mouthwatering treat that's hard to beat! With double-dipped peanuts, you can satisfy your craving for salty and sweet…again…and again…and again.
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  • Chocolate Malt Balls

    Chocolate Malt Balls

    YUM! Transport yourself back to childhood with every crunchy bite! A classic combination of malted milk filling covered in creamy, smooth milk chocolate. Oddly satisfying and simply irresistible, add to pudding or blend into ice cream for a delightful...
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  • Drinking Chocolate

    Drinking Chocolate

    Our European style drinking chocolate, made from single origin Dominican Republic Zorzal cacao, is rich, creamy and silky smooth. The organic, direct-trade beans for this bar come from Dr. Charles Kerchner's 1,019 acre bird sanctuary in the mountainous...
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  • Ruby Red Sour Patch

    Ruby Red Sour Patch

    Cherry Republic's Ruby Red Sour Cherry Patches have just the right amount of sweetness, while still packing a cherry punch. Full of flavor, these chewy candies elevate the Greatest Of All Fruits to a whole new level of YUM!
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  • Imperial Chocolate Covered Cherries

    Imperial Chocolate Covered Cherries

    These beautiful, redder-than-red cherries brighten any candy dish or gift box. Cherry Reublic starts with a plump, Cherry Republic Dried Tart Cherry and coat it in milk chocolate. Then, they dip it a second time in bright red confectioner's glaze. So...
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  • Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry Turtles

    Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry Turtles

    Turtles - Smooth caramel, extra tangy cherries, and giant chunks of pecans, covered in our richest dark chocolate. Our chocolatier has outdone himself this time. And we know this tempting candy will disappear from your bag faster than you can catch the...
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  • Milk Chocolate Cherry Nut Mix

    Milk Chocolate Cherry Nut Mix

    8 oz size. Once you open a bag of our Milk Chocolate Covered Cherry Nut Mix, it's hard to stop after just one handful. Roasted pecans, buttery cashews, and crunchy almonds provide a tasty backdrop to tart dried cherries covered with premium milk...
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  • Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

    Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

    Their Dark Chocolate Cherries are panned in a bittersweet chocolate containing about 60% cocoa — making for a richer and less sweet chocolate taste. What better way to enjoy a Montomorency tart cherry than covered in dark chocolate? 3 oz, 8 oz, or 16 oz
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  • Pure 67% Chocolate

    Pure 67% Chocolate

    This Nacional heirloom cacao is very complex in and of itself. We understand that chocolate lovers sometimes just want it as pure as possible - no fruits, no nuts, no nothing. Just pure dark chocolate. That's why we offer our Pure 67% , Pure 77% and Pure...
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  • Mindo Chocolate Bar Michigan Cherry 77% Pure

    Mindo Chocolate Bar Michigan Cherry 77% Pure

    Chocolate and cherries: the idea behind it might be simple, but the reality of it is anything but. Our take on the classic pairing of dried cherries with 77% dark chocolate is as complex as a glass of good red wine. First you get the bright chocolate,...
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  • Dark Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries 6 oz

    Dark Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries 6 oz

    Cherry Bay Orchards Dried Dark Chocolate Covered Montmorency Cherries are grown in their vast orchards, in the cherry capital of the nation. Here, the sandy soil, nearness to Lake Michigan, and climate of icy-cold winters and temperate summers make it a...
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  • Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries

    Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries

    Cherry Republic's most popular cherry/chocolate combination. Their chocolatier starts with moist, flavorful Cherry Republic Dried Cherries, and pans just the right amount of chocolate onto each cherry, striking just the right balance between sweet and...
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  • Iced Imperial Pretzels

    Iced Imperial Pretzels

    The tempting crunchy and salty pretzels are dipped in Republic's famously rich cherry confectioner's coating and then drizzled under a smooth white confectioner's coating.
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  • Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar

    Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar

    Formally, these are dark chocolate coconut bars. Informally, we call them “little slices of paradise.” Bite into soft coconut, savor the rich cacao, and escape for a moment to the tropics. UNREAL uses fair trade ingredients, and they're working toward...
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