Fish and Shrimp

  • White Shrimp - RAW

    White Shrimp - RAW

    Our fish, as with other seafood such as shrimp, shellfish and crusaceans are ordered from quality suppliers that are committed to the environment and sustainability.
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  • Crab Claw Chilean

    Crab Claw Chilean

    Excellent as a starter or main course they can be steamed, cracked and served with melted butter for dipping the naturally sweet briny crab meat in. Serve chilled or steamed with butter or cocktail sauce for a great starter.
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  • Cooked Shrimp

    Cooked Shrimp

    Harvest of the Sea Shrimp are selected for their rich flavor, firm texture and unparalleled taste. Within hours of being harvested, the shrimp are peeled, cleaned, cooked and individually quick frozen to lock in their natural freshness. Sustainably...
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