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New board members chosen for Great Lakes Energy | Read article

September 2, 2021 | Petoskey News-Review

"Great Lakes Energy members recently elected three board members to the cooperative’s board of directors.

Election results were announced at the cooperative’s annual business meeting last week. Incumbent directors Mark Carson of Boyne City, and Paul Byl of Shelby were reelected in districts 2 and 7. Challenger David Coveyou of Petoskey earned the seat for district 1. Coveyou overtook incumbent Paul Schemanski of Petoskey and Carson edged out challenger Nathan Altman of Beaver Island."

Coveyou Scenic Farm wins Best COVID-19 Pivot Award from the Michigan State University Product Center | Read article

November 12, 2020 | Wendy Wieland, Michigan State University Extension

" the span of just a few weeks, Coveyou Scenic Farm went from wondering how it will survive this total business upheaval, to successfully landing one of USDA’s Farmer to Families Food Box Program awards. The nationwide USDA initiative provided funding to purchase produce, dairy, and meat products that were then distributed to area food banks and other nonprofits. From June to September, the Coveyou Scenic Farm team worked to produce almost 18,000 boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables for food insecure families in the Charlevoix, Antrim, and Emmet county areas of Northwest Michigan’s Lower Peninsula."

Farm takes community-minded approach to COVID-19 | Read article

October 23, 2020 | Thriving Petoskey Column, Petoskey News-Review

"COVID-19 has taught us many things as a nation. It’s forced us to be innovative and adaptable, and to cherish local businesses. There’s another lesson to be learned as well: that even amid crisis — and especially during crisis — people and planet must come before profit."

COVID-19 impacts hurting farmers, but silver linings are cropping up | Read article

May 14, 2020 | Petoskey News-Review

"...that boon to local, direct-to-customer business is something David Coveyou, owner of Coveyou Scenic Farm near Petoskey, is already seeing. Coveyou noted that the 145-year-old family farm has weathered many crises over the years, and he’s confident that the COVID-19 pandemic will be yet another challenge the farm will overcome. He said the pandemic hasn’t prompted any plans to change the mix of crops planned for the coming year, but there have been, and will be impacts. He said, as one of the area’s largest organic certified farms, a big component of the farm’s business is supplying fresh produce to many area restaurants..."

Farming for the future: How farmers transform businesses with technology
| Read article

May 4, 2017 | Petoskey News-Review

"While the practice of planting seeds, cultivating them and harvesting the crops for consumption is a tale as old as time, farming is also a story of change and innovation. From tractors to tracking crop health with drones, many farmers have embraced technological innovation in their work. For local farmers, the next wave of technology uses the very elements that already make up a large part of their businesses — geothermal, solar and wind energy."

All in the family: Family-owned farms that put down roots in Northern Michigan
| Read article

November 14, 2016 | Petoskey News-Review

"From generation to generation, there are many farms in Northern Michigan that can trace their lineage through the members of the same family. Evolving from horse power to horsepower, these farms and the families that own them have stood the test of time."

Growing through time Centennial farm survives with innovation, technology
| Read article

June 25, 2015 | Petoskey News-Review

"David Coveyou’s hands are cracked and worn from tending his crops in the same manner and on the same land of his great-grandfather’s original homestead, but along with sweat, his modern farm runs entirely on solar energy. Inside Coveyou Scenic Farm Market is the hybrid product of reclaimed traditional farming practices and the power of 21st century technology. The 30-acre U.S. Department of Agriculture-certified organic farm is in a constant state of experimenting and expanding, tapping into an emergent consumer interest in locally grown products." 

Sightseeing in Northern Michigan: Coveyou Scenic Farm Market | Read article

October 15, 2014 | 9and10 News


"There are so many ways to enjoy the fall season across Northern Michigan. It’s the harvest season. What better place to do it, than at a farm that prides itself on produce, and has for nearly a century and a half."

In season: community-supported agriculture programs | Read article

March 19, 2013 | Petoskey News-Review

"...this year, Coveyou will experiment with a new program: for a set fee, a customer can come to the farm at any time and pick up any amount of vegetables he or she wants. 'If they want to stop in every day and get a fresh salad, they can do that,' said Coveyou. 'It’s really built on this model of eating truly fresh....I really believe that this is the key to people eating healthier on the whole,” said Coveyou. “They think, ‘I’ve already paid for this up front. I should be going to the farm and eating more of my meals that have a significant produce component to them.'"

SPRING FEVER: It's time to plant those seeds | Read article

March 13, 2013 | Petoskey News-Review

"With St. Patrick's Day, another kind of green comes to mind for local gardeners: a green thumb. David Coveyou of Coveyou Scenic Farm Market says that mid-March is a good time to plant those vegetable seeds in indoor pots. 'Most people gardening at home with seed will start with tomatoes,' Coveyou said. 'There has been more blight in the southern states,' he said. 'As a grower, I'd like to see more people growing from seed or staying local to help avoid spreading the blight.' As a novice starts to plant tomato seed, the first decision to make is the kind of tomato to plant. Coveyou thinks heirloom tomatoes taste the best, but they are harder to grow in a garden. He recommends beefsteak and cherry tomatoes..."