Annuals & Perennials Grown with the Coveyou Difference

Flowers have become a traditional offering at Coveyou Scenic Farm Market. Inspired by Hedy Coveyou's deep love and meticulous care for them, our annual and perennial selections are sure to brighten your season and leave you with feelings of "wow."

Hedy, David's late mother, loved flowers and had a tremendous appreciation for their beauty. She was meticulous in caring for the flowers in and around her home. She set the standard, and we strive to live up to her legacy each and every season. Our greenhouses are filled with flowers she would be proud to have her name on, and we are proud to be Proven Winners representatives. We can't wait for you to visit the farm to see and smell them for yourself!

What Makes the Coveyou Difference?

We select 20,000 of the highest quality annual and perennial cuttings and nurture them with individual care from the earliest stages of growth. All of our plants are individually hand watered and pruned to ultimately ensure strong root systems and stems resulting in abundant colorful blossoms. All of our annuals and perennials are planted in 100% Organic Dairy Doo soil blends in addition to being fed Dairy Doo Bloom Blaster liquid fertilizer.  We grow a lot of unique varieties in addition to all the staples.  Some people tell us our prices are better than the big box stores!

What We Offer 


We love to share the most popular global varieties with our customers, and we also have the perfect native flowers for your blossoming wildflower garden or your backyard butterfly waystation. Fill your property with colorful, vibrant plants that are beneficial for our Northern Michigan ecosystems. 


Our baskets are a local favorite for the variety of mixed flowers and colors that help give your porch, deck and garden its own unique look. We have refined our hanging basket combinations over the years resulting in the most distinctive looks that will be show stoppers for your home



Annuals are plants that bloom, produce seed, and die in a single growing season. They provide quick, vibrant, and eye-catching colors to your growing spaces and are bountiful while the season lasts. They are perfect for beautifying your porch while you entertain summer guests, or giving that corner of the house just a little pop of color. 

Looking for flowers that come back year after year? Perennials are the backbone of any garden and are a great investment to stay within your budget. We have an outstanding collection of perennial varieties that do well in our northern climate. Everything we grow is winter hardy in Zone 2 through 5A, so stop by and start exploring!