Cocktail Mixers

  • The Twist

    The Twist

    This Cocktail is so versatile it replaces the need for simple syrup and fresh lemon! The Twist can make the following cocktails: Whiskey Sour, Lemon Drop, French 75, Tom Collins, Lemon Margarita, Long Island Iced Tea, Lemon Mojito, Whiskey Smash, Sidecar...
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  • Spicy Mule Drink Mixer

    Spicy Mule Drink Mixer

    The drink mix that packs a kick! Made with ginger and lime juice and infused with mint and chili peppers, this drink mixer pairs well with most liquors. A spicy classic Moscow Mule or spicy Kentucky Mule to namesome of our favorites! Looking for a...
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  • Vanilla Old Fashioned Instant Cocktail

    Vanilla Old Fashioned Instant Cocktail

    Each jar makes up to 12 AMAZING cocktails! No need to wait 3 days for this one, we provide you the immediate cocktail. These are also perfect for traveling with and can even go on a plane since they contain no liquid! A 4oz jar that includes Madagascar...
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  • Sangria Strainer

    Sangria Strainer

    Simply Sangria straining lid. Fits the 32oz wide mouth Simply Sangria Jars. The perfect addition to any Simply Sangria Jar you plan on gifting!
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  • Sangrita Krystals

    Sangrita Krystals

    Who doesn't love a good Rim & Rub? Sangrita Krystals is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, savory and tangy. Rim your cocktail glass (Hello gourmet Bloody Mary!) or rub up on your pork butt and eggplant before firing it up on grill! Don’t forget...
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  • Simple Syrups

    Simple Syrups

    Our natural lavender syrups add distinctive flavors to drinks, desserts and other culinary creations. Enjoy in Italian sodas, lemonade, coffee or cocktails for a refreshing and unique flavor. We recommend approximately 1oz of syrup per 16oz drink. All...
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  • Cocktail Dispenser

    Cocktail Dispenser

    Berry Blush, Paradise Punch, Tropical Twist, Cherry Citrus Smash and Hot Toddy. Choose from these flavors in a beautiful dispenser! Great for parties!!
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  • Margarita Mix

    Margarita Mix

    A fresh take on a favorite summer cocktail! The Spoon Margarita Mix is full of flavor, and the combination of lime, lemon, and grapefruit juices give it a nuanced complexity that's bolstered by orange oil and a touch of agave. Just add one part tequila...
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  • Bloody Mary Mix

    Bloody Mary Mix

    This American Spoon best-selling mix is a Midwestern twist on a classic. It's filled with hand-grated Michigan-grown horseradish and aromatic dill, and it makes a perfect addition to brunch.
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  • Brandied Cherries

    Brandied Cherries

    Balaton Cherries have a scarlet flesh, deep purple-red skin and an intense cherry flavor. Spoon preserves them in a rich cherry syrup spiked with brandy and scented with vanilla and spices. You'll relish these as a genuinely luxurious treat for spooning...
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  • Cocktail Flight Twisted Cocktails pack

    Cocktail Flight Twisted Cocktails pack

    The Craft “Cocktail Flight” has smaller 4 ounce jars so you can try each flavor. The flavors included in the “Cocktail Flight” are Berry Blush, Cherry Citrus Smash, Paradise Punch, Winter Warmup and Hot Toddy. These individual jars produce about two to...
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  • Paradise punch

    Paradise punch

    The Paradise Punch Craft Cocktail Jar has pineapple, orange, cherry and citrus infused sugar cane. This Twisted Craft Cocktail jar is a very versatile Cocktail Jar. You can add many different spirits to it but some of customers favorites are Rum, Vodka &...
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  • Simply Sangria Mix

    Simply Sangria Mix

    Simply Sangria is perfect for all those Summer days relaxing by the pool or cooking out. It comes in a 32 oz. jar to accommodate holding more wine. You can infuse this jar twice as well for maximum value. One of the best things is that you do not need to...
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  • Juniper Juice

    Juniper Juice

    Juniper Juice Cocktail Jar has lemon, lime, ginger root, juniper berries and citrus infused cane sugar. Juniper Juice is amazing when mixed with Gin & Tonic Water or Vodka & Ginger Beer to make a Moscow Mule. This jar is 16 ounces and can hold around 12...
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  • Cherry Citrus Smash

    Cherry Citrus Smash

    The Cherry Citrus Smash Craft Cocktail Jar has lemon, orange, cherry and citrus infused sugar cane. This Twisted Craft Cocktail jar is also a very versatile Cocktail Jar. You can add many different spirits to it but some of customers favorites are Rum,...
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  • Sweet Heat

    Sweet Heat

    Sweet Heat Cocktail Jar has pineapple, lime, jalapeno and citrus infused cane sugar. This Cocktail Jar is amazing with tequila and margarita mix or vodka and rum! Customers describe this Cocktail Jar as sweet with just the right amount of heat. This jar...
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  • Cosmopolitan


    All you have to do is do an at home pour of 2 ounces of Vodka, add one sugar cube and one lemon peel. Stir until dissolved and enjoy!
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