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Nuts and Trail Mix

  • Raw Major Mango Mix

    Raw Major Mango Mix

    We’ve packed major flavors into this major mix! Our naturally dried mango pieces compliment raw pecans, slivered almonds, and raw cashews, combined with pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries for a colorful mixture of bright flavors that will energize...
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  • Cranberry Crunch Mix

    Cranberry Crunch Mix

    Blanched roasted and salted peanuts, almonds mix with seedless raisins, dried tart cranberries, and sweet yogurt-covered raisins for the perfect combination of crunchy and sweet. Simply irresistible, you'll be wishing you bought twice as much! Mix it up...
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  • Cherry Nut Mix

    Cherry Nut Mix

    A signature Cherry Republic item. The Cherry Nut Mix tosses the sweet, succulent dried cherry in a tumble of premium jumbo almonds, jumbo cashews, and mammoth pecans. Protected in the best packaging we can find, the freshness of this mix is guaranteed...
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  • Public House Snack Mix

    Public House Snack Mix

    Received with rave reviews by Citizens during our Traveling Test Kitchen, our NEW Public House Snack Mix is now available to all! An addictive, crunchy mix of pretzel balls, smoked almonds, corn nuts, and dried Montmorency cherries, it's already a...
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  • Pistachios


    A legendary snack for in-between meals, pistachios are low in calories, rich in potassium, high in calcium. These little green nuts will help build strong bones with every bite! Crack open a good time with these roasted salted pistachios on your next...
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  • Deluxe Mixed Nuts

    Deluxe Mixed Nuts

    A premium mix for a special occasion featuring freshly roasted salted almonds, whole cashews, pecans, and filberts. Enhance your evening by pairing with craft beer and wine or elevating a charcuterie board for friends and family. Packaged in a 16 oz. jar...
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  • Almonds Cinnamon Roasted

    Almonds Cinnamon Roasted

    Handcrafted almonds are generously coated with a blend of cinnamon and sugar, providing a flavorful sweet treat that you can indulge in. Top ice cream, yogurt, or oatmeal for an added crunch!
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  • Pub Nuts

    Pub Nuts

    One handful of these tasty peanuts and they will become an instant favorite.  Just salty enough and slightly sweet, our unique blend of seasonings perfectly complements the roasted peanut.  An inspired pairing with a pint of craft beer or a great...
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  • Curried Pistachios

    Curried Pistachios

    These tasty, roasted nuts have a great balance of salt and sweet and are seasoned with warm, exotic curry spice. Crispy and pungent, they are great for eating out of hand or tossed into your favorite stir fry or salad.  Great alongside a cold beer. ...
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  • Orange Balsamic Pecans

    Orange Balsamic Pecans

    Crispy roasted pecan halves that are mostly sweet with a tart hint of balsamic vinegar, and a complex orange aroma that is irresistible.  So good right out of your hand,  super tasty tossed with greens and fresh strawberries then topped with poppyseed...
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  • Rocky Mountain Nut Mix Snack Sz

    Rocky Mountain Nut Mix Snack Sz

    Made with real M&M's*, this classic mix delivers what you are craving. Roasted salted peanuts and almonds are balanced with flavorful raisins for a well-combined snack that delivers on flavor and protein. The milk chocolate M&M's give a burst of...
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  • Foragers Trail Mix

    Foragers Trail Mix

    Our 10 oz bag of Original Blend granola is filled with clusters of nuts, groats, seeds, and tart cherries. This chef-driven no-oat recipe has a perfectly addicting crunch and is filled with an abundance of nourishing organic and non-gmo ingredients...
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