• Great Lakes Chips Original

    Great Lakes Chips Original

    Named the #1 Potato Chip by the Chicago Tribune!  Building a better chip takes dedication. At the Great Lakes Potato Chip Co., they begin with the highest quality Michigan potatoes, grown especially for potato chip making. They slice them thick and leave...
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  • Apple Chips

    Apple Chips

    The taste is unlike any other apple slice you have ever had! The flavor is crisp with just the right amount of sweetness and cinnamon, combined with the tartness of the apple. These crunchy flavorful slices of nature are a healthy snack alternative that...
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  • Hot Sauce Pretzels

    Hot Sauce Pretzels

    These Hot Sauce pretzels are the perfect snack for you. We aren’t scared of heat! We are talking the kind of heat that makes your sinuses run. So grab a drink, bag of pretzels, maybe even a tissue and get after it!
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  • Peppercorn Ranch Pretzels

    Peppercorn Ranch Pretzels

    When you are watching the “big game”, what kind of snacks do you prefer? The kind that are BOLD enough to go support your die hard love affair with your favorite winning team? This Peppercorn Ranch flavor pairs well with that kind of love affair. As the...
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