Dips and Spreads

  • Fig Spread Original

    Fig Spread Original

    This spread is crafted in Croatia using figs from the pristine Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and other Mediterranean regions. It is cooked with great care to protect the integrity of the fruit and to create a rich, full-bodied, fruity flavor-an unsurpassed...
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  • Cherry Bacon Spread

    Cherry Bacon Spread

    We already know cherries make everything better. But cherries + bacon? Forgetaboutit. Crafted with Michigan cherries and apples, roasted onions, and applewood-smoked bacon, this sweet and savory spread will take your burger game to the next level, create...
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  • Cherry Queso

    Cherry Queso

    YOU LOVED. THEY LISTENED. IT'S BACK FOR GOOD! Proof that dried cherries can make everything better, Cherry Republic presents Cherry Queso Dip. Slightly spicy, heavily cheesy, and a tad sweet thanks to chunks of tomatoes and bits of dried cherries, this...
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  • Chocolate Fudge Sauce

    Chocolate Fudge Sauce

    A classic Chocolate Fudge Sauce for classic sundaes. This American Spoon creation features deeply delicious craft chocolate from Askinosie Chocolate in Missouri, with rich Midwestern cream and a hint of vanilla. Almost everyone at American Spoon has...
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  • Gorgonzola Cheese Spread

    Gorgonzola Cheese Spread

    The sharp, punchy zing and sweet cream of Gorgonzola are blended into our handmade Gorgonzola DB Cheese Spread. As a dip, spread, or condiment, the Gorgonzola DB Cheese Spread has done all the hard work already. Your love of blue cheese is reason enough...
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  • Horseradish


    Wholesome roots harvested at the very peak of flavor, the result is a bold but refined natural flavor. Specially certified product for Passover is available. Keep refrigerated.
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  • Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

    Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

    A mildly hot and sweet, translucent orange jelly flecked with colorful bits of peppers. Spoon a jar over baked brie as it comes from the oven for something beautiful and heavenly. Also truly delicious on gorgonzola or almost any soft cheese.
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  • Chili Jam

    Chili Jam

    For people who love sriracha but long for something a bit more refined, this versatile savory jam features the bold heat and smoky sweetness of Fresno chilies against a background of ginger and garlic. Coveyou Scenic Farm is proud to grow these small red...
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  • Red Hot Raspberry

    Red Hot Raspberry

    If you like a bit of heat, then this jam is for you. Makes a great appetizer: pour over a brick of cream cheese, goat cheese or brie and serve with fancy crackers. Easy!!!
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  • Ugly Agnes

    Ugly Agnes

    The Latin name for this berry is ELAEAGNUS. Biology students couldn't remember that, so it was called "Ugly Agnes". Wee are not trying to insult your beautiful Aunt Agnes. Fresh Autumnberries (Autumn Olive) have been tested to contain 17 times more of...
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