About Us

For nearly 150 years, Coveyou Scenic Farm Market has provided Northern Michigan locals and visitors alike with fresh, healthy, high-quality food.

An original homestead under President Grant in 1874, our farm's five generations expanded from dairy and livestock to potatoes and cereal grain. Now, David, Kathy, and their four children - Lillian, Andrew, Patrick, and William - work the farm everyday, honoring agricultural traditions while ushering in a new era.

Overlooking Walloon Lake, our historic Barn Market offers organic produce, local artisan creations, specialty foods, flowers, soil amendments, seasonal decorations, and much more! We offer our produce seasonally in the Barn Market and through our Produce Membership programs. You can also find our flavorful fruits and vegetables at most of the area's finest restaurants, local co-ops, and independent food stores (see our list of partners below). 


Coveyou Scenic Farm Market strives to be the one-stop-shop for all things local, and our family's passion for quality will shine through during your visit. From fresh organic produce, to beautiful home-grown flowers, to unique items crafted by local artists and tradesmen, the Coveyou family has created a haven for those that appreciate Northern Michigan's flavors and simple, natural beauty. 

Where to Find Our Produce