Produce Memberships

Support Our Small Farm
with a Produce Membership!

At Coveyou Scenic Farm Market, we offer two great Produce Membership programs for fresh, organic veggies: a Traditional Membership and an Open Market Membership.  Both options are flexible, with adjustments and "sizes" (amounts of produce) that depend on the number of people who will be enjoying the produce. Choose which membership is best for you and your family!


Open Market Membership

The Open Market (OM) Membership is a Coveyou Farm classic. We are the only ones confident (or crazy!) enough to offer unlimited produce for just one flat rate!


For one fee (either paid upfront or over the course of the growing season), you can come to the farm any day of the week, as often as you want, and take home as many veggies as your household can eat fresh. 


Sound too good to be true? You're not the first to think that. We're often asked, "How can it work?" Our answer is simple: we still believe people are generally honest. We feel confident that our Open Market (OM) Members only take what they need and make sure produce waste stays at a minimum. Based on the "honors system," this program builds on the foundational trust between local farmer and local customer. An OM Membership encourages you and your family to eat as much produce as you desire all season, and it's become our most popular produce membership program!


- Full Season, including peak (21 weeks)

- On-farm pickup only, any day of the week the farm is open 

- Flowers, potted plants, fruits, herbs, packaged products, and decorative products are not included

- Fee based on number of people in the immediate household

- Additional cost for juicing, canning, and/or preserving produce


Please read all details before placing your order! 

Traditional Membership

Like a CSA program, Coveyou Scenic Farm Market's Traditional Produce Membership is an easy way to get the freshest harvest each season!


Each week, pick up a box of freshly harvested produce from our barn market! Choose between a Full Share (between 11-16 items, feeds about 3-4 people) or a Half Share (between 9-14 items, feeds about 1-2 people). You can sign up for the whole season or select which weeks you'd like to pick up your box if you plan to be away during the summer or fall.


Produce items in your box change every week and can include fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Plus, we allow each member to customize their box by choosing 3 additional produce items every week! This way, you can guarantee you'll receive your favorite veggie or salad green variety. 


Distribution is through a weekly box of freshly harvested produce. Boxes are to be returned each week for reuse. Some produce may be grown by fellow local USDA Certified Organic Farmers.


- Choice of Full Share or Half Share 

- Choice of Full Season (20 weeks) or Half Season 

- Pick-your-weeks option to work around your travel plans

- Set pickup days (Tuesdays, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.)

- Produce items vary week by week

- Additional 3 items of choice each week


Please read all details before placing your order! 

Two different memberships, two ways to sign up!

By purchasing a Produce Membership, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions as described in our Produce Membership Agreement. 

See what our Members are saying:

"A fantastic choice and a very good value."

"After thinking about it for a number of years, last year I purchased the single person full season Open Market at Coveyou Scenic Farm Market. It turned out to be a fantastic choice and also a very good value. The entire season, there was such a wide variety of fresh, tasty and beautiful organic produce. I had some items that I bought over and over again - and also, with the help of the friendly and informative staff, discovered new produce that I had never had before. There was always such a large supply of fresh and healthy items to choose from. I ate healthy fresh produce the whole season and also dramatically cut back on money and time spent at the grocery store. A win all around.  I will definitely purchase the full season Open Market this year, too." 
- Mary Hayes

"We join the CSA every year and are never disappointed."

“We love this place. The people are super friendly and helpful, and the fresh organic produce is awesome. We join the CSA every year and are never disappointed. Love Coveyou!”
- Pete Kehoe

"Open Market made the most sense for us." 

"With a family of 5 (6 any day now), the Open Market Membership made the most sense for us. Being able to drop in as needed allowed us to always have fresh produce in our kitchen. Looking forward to next year!"
- Josh Pulver

"I love coming to the farm to do my Open Market shopping."

"You have created a magnificent farm and business. I love coming to the farm to do my "Open Market” shopping. My special treat is to see Lillian chalking the stoop with her art. She is a joy. All of you are a presence of good energy, and I so appreciate your great vegetables and the efforts you all make to get them to my table and the community. Thank you for your wonderful farm and all its creations."

- Jan Mancinelli