Bacon, Sausage, Bratwurst, Ground Pork 

  • Beef Bacon

    Beef Bacon

    Hickory Smoked Beef Belly with Brown Sugar and Salt Chef Inspiration Rolled beef belly, dry cured for seven days for extra flavor. Crisp it up for an updated BLT or add it to a salad for extra umami. Ingredients Beef Navel, Salt, Brown Sugar, Sodium...
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  • Detroit Breakfast Sausage

    Detroit Breakfast Sausage

    Marrow's original breakfast sausage developed at their flagship butcher shop in Detroit. An elevated rendition of the classic breakfast link, with well-rounded flavors that marry sweet and savory
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  • Basilicata Mild Italian Sausage

    Basilicata Mild Italian Sausage

    Our take on the classic Italian sausage, which originated in Basilicata, Italy. With regional aromatics and a touch of savory sweetness, this sausage makes a great base for ragu or served on a bun.
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  • Andalucia Chorizo Sausage

    Andalucia Chorizo Sausage

    A fresh version of a classic Spanish chorizo, this sausage is herbaceous, aromatic and bold. Cook, cool and slice it for your charcuterie board or add it to a traditional paella.
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  • Hoguera Spreadable Chorizo

    Hoguera Spreadable Chorizo

    Best enjoyed on a baguette or added to a favorite Spanish recipe, our Sobrassada hits your tongue with a sultry surprise and fiery finish. Mixed with Hot Paprika, Chipotle and Cayenne.
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  • Fino Salami

    Fino Salami

    2024 Good Food Awards Finalist. This Finocchiona-style salami is a delicate balance of ground fennel and minced garlic. After all, everything’s better with garlic! *Since we handmake all of our products, the net weight on each salami and chorizo will...
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  • Italian Dry Salame Sliced

    Italian Dry Salame Sliced

    A classic dry salame, seasoned simply with sea salt, black pepper, red wine and garlic. Made in the traditional method using natural pork casing, which imparts a desirable aroma and is the perfect host to beneficial mold. Hand-tied and aged 30-35 days...
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  • Prosciutto Italiano Pre-sliced

    Prosciutto Italiano Pre-sliced

    Slow-cured ham, obtained by salting and curing selected fresh ham from pigs raised and slaughtered in Europe. It is an all-natural product, minimally processed, using only pork ham and Mediterranean sea salt. Aged at least 400 days, the prosciutto is...
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  • Salame Rustico Pre Sliced

    Salame Rustico Pre Sliced

    Dry-Cured Salami. Seasonsed with natural spices. Salame Rustico Maestri is traditionally dry-cured in the Parma region. Seasoned with pepper, garlic and natural spices, it is sliced and packaged in the USA.
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