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Bacon, Sausage, Bratwurst, Ground Pork 

  • Prosciutto Italiano Pre-sliced

    Prosciutto Italiano Pre-sliced

    Slow-cured ham, obtained by salting and curing selected fresh ham from pigs raised and slaughtered in Europe. It is an all-natural product, minimally processed, using only pork ham and Mediterranean sea salt. Aged at least 400 days, the prosciutto is...
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  • Salame Rustico Pre Sliced

    Salame Rustico Pre Sliced

    Dry-Cured Salami. Seasonsed with natural spices. Salame Rustico Maestri is traditionally dry-cured in the Parma region. Seasoned with pepper, garlic and natural spices, it is sliced and packaged in the USA.
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  • Coppa Italiana Pre Sliced

    Coppa Italiana Pre Sliced

    Traditionally crafted in Emilia Romagna. Authentic Coppa Italiana is dry-cured in the Piacenza region, following the ancient working method: dry salting, addition of a few spices and prolonged natural air-curing. Its finally sliced and packaged in USA.
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  • Hot Italian Pork Sausage

    Hot Italian Pork Sausage

    Made from local Michigan-born, raised and processed pork and seasoned with delicious organic spice blends, our products are perfect for a quick, protein-packed meal that will satisfy you and your family.
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  • Salami Whips

    Salami Whips

    The legendary, distinctive taste of Black Kassel meats are crafted using our authentic European recipes and traditions handed down from generations in Europe. Made with only the finest ingredients and carefully blended spices to be the center of any...
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