Dairy Doo

  • DAIRY DOO® Compost

    DAIRY DOO® Compost

    DAIRY DOO Compost can be used to amend soil in around vegetables, flowers, lawns or nearly anything else that grows. The living biology in DAIRY DOO is what makes this compost different and so...
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  • Seed Starter Soil 101

    Seed Starter Soil 101

    Have full control of your plant’s life cycle by growing your own in Seed Starter 101. This fine and soft mix will allow you to grow even the most delicate seeds. It’s also great for lawn patching!
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  • Premium Flower Doo 201

    Premium Flower Doo 201

    This superior potting soil promotes huge, vibrant blooms that will flourish in your yard! It's what we grow all our flower in. FlowerDoo 201 is specifically designed for flowering plants due to the...
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  • Pro Vegetable Potting soil 301

    Pro Vegetable Potting soil 301

    VeggieDoo 301 is made of DAIRY DOO®, Poultry Compost, worm castings, and 77 different minerals to grow nutrient-dense plants.  Nutrient-dense plants produce fruits and veggies with better flavor-...
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  • Worm Castings

    Worm Castings

    Worm castings has some amazing benefits! One of the best tools available to improve root development and nutrient uptake. The fungal properties of worm castings adds natural biology to your soil. The...
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  • Topsoil Blend

    Topsoil Blend

    Our Topsoil Blend is powered by DAIRY DOO® with a perfect mix of peat and topsoil. It is great for patching pesky spots and filling holes left behind by removing trees and changing your landscaping...
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  • Healthy Garden 7-6-5

    Healthy Garden 7-6-5

    After your vegetables have been planted and you notice they could use a little kick, sprinkle Healthy Garden around your plants. Complete with DAIRY DOO, this pelleted fertilizer is jam-packed with...
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  • Safe Green Lawn 10-0-4

    Safe Green Lawn 10-0-4

    The best lawn on the block comes from solid soil biology and Safe Green Lawn has just that! It is safe for Fido and the kids; there is no need to worry about toxic chemicals because it is pesticide...
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  • Tree and Shrub Mix

    Tree and Shrub Mix

    Tree and Shrub Mix is hand crafted for lush green growth and provides vibrant, colorful foliage for the season. Pick up a bag or two of Tree and Shrub Mix today! Our exclusive recipe jump-starts your...
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  • Nursery Doo

    Nursery Doo

    Today the cows are gone and instead the original farm is used to produce a whole line of DAIRY DOO products: DAIRY DOO Organic Compost, Custom Blends made specific for your soil, Organic Potting...
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  • Bloom Blaster 4-18-4

    Bloom Blaster 4-18-4

    This liquid flower food includes additional phosphorus to promote blooms and boost heavy feeding plants. Apply every 7-14 days by attaching the garden hose and watering plants. No mixing required!
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  • Veggie Blaster 8-1-8-3S

    Veggie Blaster 8-1-8-3S

    Enjoy an abundant harvest from your vegetable plants! This liquid vegetable food promotes nutrient-dense veggie growth and lush foliage. It can be used on all vegetable plants. Apply every 7-14 days...
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  • Fruit Blaster 1-5-13

    Fruit Blaster 1-5-13

    Increase plant metabolism, nutrient efficiency and uptake, and improve pollination, with Morgan’s 1-5-13.  This liquid fertilizer contains multiple micronutrients and is made with fulvic acids and...
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  • Turf Blaster 11-0-5-4S

    Turf Blaster 11-0-5-4S

    Feed your lawn to make it green with this easy-to-use fertilizer! This liquid grass food provides kelp to aide root health and iron to produce the vibrant shade of green you want. No mixing or...
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  • Compost Tea Mix (1cuft)

    Compost Tea Mix (1cuft)

    Boosts soil microbes with easy application. The Compost Tea Blend is brewed in your digester.  Easy-to-apply and affordable for large applications, Compost Tea Blend is a simple way to boost soil...
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  • AzoMite Granulated or Micro

    AzoMite Granulated or Micro

    Azomite is a highly mineralized silica ore with 77 trace minerals. It improves microbial activity, root systems, and plant vigor.  It produces more and larger fruit and vegetables with added...
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  • Terraneem EC Insecticide

    Terraneem EC Insecticide

    Biological insecticide, fungicide, nematicide, and miticideTerraNeem EC is a broad-spectrum plant-derived biopesticide for the organic and sustainable management of insects and diseases.  It is OMRI...
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