The Best Organic Soil & Amendments

Whether you're looking to spruce up your lawn, tend to your flower or vegetable garden, or fill out your trees and shrubs, DAIRY DOO has the product to fit your needs. And Coveyou Scenic Farm Market is YOUR place to get it!  

DAIRY DOO is a product of Morgan Composting, a family-owned Michigan business that provides sustainable, organic compost for homeowners and agribusiness. As a partnering retailer, our market is proud to offer their array of soil amendments to our Northern Michigan community!

Why Choose DAIRY DOO?

- Superior quality compost, crafted using dairy manure

- #1 choice of certified organic growers, proven effective for decades

- Rich in organic matter and microorganisms that create a better plant root environment

- Safe for kids and pets

- Safe to use around rivers, streams, and lakes

- Healthy soil = healthy food = healthy you!

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DAIRY DOO Products We Offer

DAIRY DOO® Compost  (1 cuft bag, 1.5 yard Supersacs, Bulk scoops)

Morgan’s original designer compost. It works well to give a boost to nearly all plants that need some biology and organic matter.  Think of this as the best, lowest cost, natural fertilizer you can buy.  We use it extensively here on the farm in all of our organic produce production.  It's FULL of living microbiology that helps convert many of our soils natural minerals into a form more easily taken up by plants.  It's weed free...unlike so many other composts out there!   We view this as a "must have" first step for any vegetable or flower garden.  DAIRY DOO is a amendment to your own soil....don't plant directly in it! 

We recommend spreading only 1/4" thick in your vegetable or flower garden and then till or rake in.  One bag covers about 50 square feet.  

SEED STARTER 101, Premium Seed Starting Soil (1 cu. ft. bag)

Seed Starter: Use with any seeds. Safe for direct planting. Fill your seed trays and plant.  Also great when reseeding lawn spots....spread 1/2" thick, spread lawn seed and rake in....but you still have to water regularly!


Once plants are ready for their first transplant use FLOWERDOO 201 for flower pots.  Once veggie plants are at least 3" tall, time to transplant into VEGGIEDOO 301-a potting soil with high levels of nutrients to produce more bountiful, nutritious and DELICIOUS vegetables.  

FLOWER DOO 201, Premium Flower Potting Soil (8 qt bag, 1 cu. ft. bag and 2 yard Supersacs) 

This superior potting soil is what we plant all of our flower baskets and pots with.  It's filled with a great mix of over 15 natural minerals and nutrients that promotes huge, vibrant blooms that will flourish in your yard!  Just fill your container with this potting soil and plant.  You won't need to even fertilize for the first month or two!


It's weedseed if you are making a new raised bed just fill the top 6" with FlowerDoo for your most weed free garden.    Can be used in containers, in raised beds or added directly into your flower garden. Works great with Healthy Garden and BloomBlaster fertilizers. 

VEGGIE DOO 301, Pro Vegetable Potting Soil (1 cu. ft. bag and 2 yard Supersacs)

FTHere is nothing that will make your raised bed vgetable garden excel better than growing produce directly in ProVegetable potting soil.  Filled with over 15 natural minerals and nutrients and weedseed free this is the best potting soil we have grown in.  Fill your patio container with ProVegetable and plant your seedlings....or if a new raised bed garden assure at least the top 6" is ProVegetable.  If planting directly in the garden you can band around your tranplanted crops.


As the season moves on don't forget your VeggieBlaster fertilizer!

Healthy Garden 7-6-5 (4 lb bag or 25 lb bag)

Your vegetables have been planted and you notice they could use a little kick...sprinkle Healthy Garden around your plants, mix into the top of the dirt, water well, and voilà!


Complete with DAIRY DOO, this product is jam-packed with organic, all natural and easily digestible nutrients that your plants will eat right up! Use on vegetable gardens, fruit trees, grape vines, and, really, anything that grows.

WORM DOO, Premium Organic Worm Castings (8 Qt bag or 25 lbs bag)

The effect that castings have upon flowers can be stunning to behold. Not only does the increased plant vigor make the plant look better, but it can increase the plants resistance to disease. This happens by allowing the plants' own natural defenses to do what they were designed to do.


TO USE: Sprinkle over soil and scratch in. It can also be used to make worm castings tea. 

Topsoil Blend (1 cu. ft. bag)

Use for landscaping needs, filling holes, or as a raised bed filler. Note that unlike our potting mixes, the Topsoil Blend is not weed-free. 


Dump and spread Topsoil Blend as needed for your landscaping. To use as a raised bed filler, fill bed up to 6-8 inches from the top and then cover with a layer of newspaper. Wet newspapers thoroughly.  Top the newspaper with 6-8 inches of FlowerDoo 201 or VeggieDoo 301 and plant. 

Safe Green Lawn 10-0-4 (25 lbs. bag)

Want to be the envy of the neighborhood without paying for lawn service? Is a fertilizer safe for Fido and the kids important to you? There is no need to worry about harmful chemicals if you choose Safe Green Lawn! Phosphorous-free, Safe Green Lawn can be used around lakes, rivers and streams without the fear of polluting.


Apply through a broadcast spreader for new or existing lawns. Use Safe Green Lawn at a rate of 5-10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. in the spring. Application intervals can range from 30-90 days. One bag applied to a new lawn will cover 2,500 sq. feet.  When applied to an existing lawn, one bag will cover 5,000 sq. ft.

Tree 'n Shrub Mix, Premium Organic Tree and Shrub Soil (1 cu. ft. bag)

To get your newly planted trees and shrubs off to a strong start, we recommend using Tree’nShrub Mix at the time of planting. Tree’nShrub Mix is an organic tree and shrub compost that gives your plants stronger bark, healthier foliage and fruit, and great healing properties from the long-lasting minerals and beneficial microbes in the mix.


Bare root seedlings should be planted directly in VeggieDoo 301 for a little extra care for tender roots. Tree’nShrub Mix can also be used as a soil amendment and can be worked into the soil around existing plants. It is ideal for established fruit trees and horticulture plants.

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