Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Horseradish

  • Horseradish


    Wholesome roots harvested at the very peak of flavor, the result is a bold but refined natural flavor. Specially certified product for Passover is available. Keep refrigerated.
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  • Fair n By Sauerkraut

    Fair n By Sauerkraut

    This kraut embraces the tradition and flavors of the old world to stimulate your inner economy. Caraway seeds add an earthy depth of flavor. This is a classic kraut!   Ingredients:  (green cabbage, filtered water, caraway seed, sea salt)
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  • Sauerkraut Original

    Sauerkraut Original

    Sometimes it's the simple things in life that give us the most pleasure. With just three ingredients - cabbage, salt and water - McClures' all-natural sauerkraut can do a whole lot with just a little love.
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  • Kimchi Oh Gee

    Kimchi Oh Gee

    This lively ferment is bursting flavor. A ginger forward zing and pleasant hot pepper warmth, balanced by the savory depth of garlic and onion, and the subtle sweetness of carrot and apple. Eat with everything!  Ingredients: (Napa cabbage, carrots,...
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